The great raisin experiment

My mom tried to make her seedless Concord grapes into raisins last night in the oven.  Yes, on purpose.  After baking them at 225º F for almost three hours, we decided to turn up the heat to 275º.  They kind of looked like raisins after another hour of baking, but long before they began to look like raisins, they bled out and looked like bloody polyps.  The grape “blood” cooked up into fairly decent fruit leather, but there wasn’t much of that given that most of it had cooked onto and fused with my mom’s good cookie sheets.  I’m not sure if she got them clean or not.  I didn’t see what ultimately happened to the “raisins”.  I’m pretty sure that the experiment was chalked up to experience and my mom will be investing in another food dehydrater very soon if we’re going to make raisins in the future…

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