The forces that be

I’m the mirror-image of my doctor: he wanted to be a writer and ended up being a doctor, and I wanted to be a doctor and the forces that be are pushing me kicking and screaming into a writing career.  Ironic.  Funny.  The meaning of life is, I concluded on my birthday, “I don’t get it.”  The Doc agrees.  I’m almost fourscore years old and I finally discovered the meaning of life.  What does that say about me?  I dunno – I don’t get it!

So, my birthday was kind of just another day with a few perks built in, those being fresh pineapple from my mom, an appointment with the Doc, rough-housing time with Squiggle Bug (meaning that I lie on the floor and he does acrobatics on me and we play with his monster trucks and build a “house” out of blocks, which is architecturally both unsound and ambitious for a two-year-old (for whom I am holding it up with both hands while he strains on his tiptoes to put a large block on top that will ultimately fall on my head while I am lying on the floor with no defenses available).  I find that I fit the bill of “playmate” on Squiggle Bug’s roster, because every time he sees me, he gets excited, grabs my finger, and leads me somewhere, asking all the while over and over again, “Play?  Play?”  Of course I’ll play with you, Squiggle Bug.  You’re my little buddy forever.

In other birthday news, well, I’m feeling better.  That’s a plus.  The medication that I discontinued is washing out of my system and I feel almost good, as a matter of fact.  My poor mother, on the other hand, came down with an actual cold yesterday and was and is quite miserable.  I’m going to go upstairs at around 1230 hrs today and we’re going to see about going for a walk with the little ones if it’s not raining.  It would do us all some good to get some fresh air, even though it’s cool.  It’s supposed to be a decent day with a 40% chance of rain showers.  At least it’s not snow!

So, whatever the forces that be are pushing you to do today, I hope you have a good day, and don’t do anything you would regret.  Try something new today, go for a walk, write down a bucket list, go climbing if you’re able.  Just DO something with your life today, because it’s a new day!  Don’t waste it!

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