Mentholatum and Vicks

I climbed yesterday!  A whole four bouldering problems later, I was exhausted, but I felt good.  This morning, not so much.  I overdid it.  I’ve been up since a quarter after 0100 hrs this morning.  As a consequence, my mom has been, too.  She’s in Billings babysitting and I’m at her house recovering from my play time yesterday.  Mom cut up an old baby blanket to make a neckwrap so that I can put Vicks rub on my neck and inhale the fumes to clear up my sinuses.  That way I can breathe through my nose and take less of that nasty Theraflu.  My buddy Lou suggests Vicks, whiskey, and exercise (in that order), and then more whiskey if necessary.  I had forgotten all about Vicks Vaporub and how Mom used to rub us down with it and it always helped.  I bought some of the WalMart store brand equivalent of Vicks (couldn’t afford the real thing), and a small container of Mentholatum, which is like Vicks to the third power and works great when rubbed right under my nose!  I can actually breathe!  I think I’m getting better, slowly but surely.  My problem is that I can’t stay down.  I have to be up and doing things.  I’ve got things I want to do and places I want to be, and being sick just slows me down – such a waste of time and energy to be sick!  I’d rather be climbing and writing!

So at least I’m writing.  Unless I get a whole lot more energy, I’m not climbing today, but yesterday was a good day!  I had a great session with the Doc after climbing.  I kept the tape on my wrist and he asked about it.  It hurt really bad yesterday, and the tape job I do for climbing helps with support and the pain.  The Doc and I discussed KT Tape.  I’ll have to get some of that and figure out how to tape my left thumb, hand, and wrist in such a way as to promote support and circulation with it.  That’d be just the ticket!

I’m writing this blog with my Vicks neckwrap safety-pinned around my neck and enjoying the aroma.  I know that Vicks isn’t everyone’s favorite odor, but right now, I can’t think of a better one because at least I can smell it!  I’ve got plenty of things to do and to write about today, including another post that I have in mind for trolls.  Yes, internet trolls.  You’ll see it in a bit.  Keep an eye out for it!  I’m jamming out with my Aftershokz Titanium earphones right now with Dave Matthews playing the 2009 European Tour Live in Italy (digitally, of course).  Let’s see, now, trolls…  More Mentholatum first.

Photo on 9-20-19 at 09.46

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