Out of sorts

I’m having a hard time today. It’s an off day. I’m out of sorts. I decided that the best place to be during this time of difficulty is at the climbing gym. I’m dissociative today, in the proper psychological sense. Thankfully, my friend McKenzie is working at the climbing gym today and I have an appointment with the Doc this afternoon. I should be able to make it until my appointment with the Doc. I do plan on climbing some, injuries permitting. Arthritis isn’t much fun, but it happens. I stopped for some Mentholatum (Vick’s to the third power) on the way into town and rubbed it under my nose so that I can breathe past my fading cold symptoms as I try to deal with whatever my neurotransmitters are doing. I just hope I’m not headed for a Major Depressive Episode along with my Chronic PTSD. Let’s just hope that I’m having a single off day or two…

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