After I take a nap…

I was having are relatively good day yesterday, and was out and about doing things.  I must’ve done too much, because today I feel really sick.  I thought I was coming out of this cold/flu thing, but I overdid it.  So today, I feel sick as a dog.  I did, however, go for a drive, go for a short walk outside (as much as my lungs would allow for), and deposit some money in my bank account (always a good idea).  It’s windy today, but at least it’s not raining.  It rained all day yesterday.  That could have something to do with how I feel, too.  I generally don’t feel that well when it’s windy.  I never have.  Strange thing.  I forged ahead, anyway, and went for that walk!  I need some cold medicine now, as I’m feeling poorly.  The fresh air did me good, though.  I hate being sick.  I could complain, but that’s no fun, so I’m going to focus on getting a good nap in, doing some artwork, getting some address labels done, and reading my Scriptures to prepare for my lesson on Sunday for church.  After I take a nap…

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