I have a cold

Great.  Just in time for everything missionary-related this morning at church, I wake up with a cold.  I notified a few of the people that need to know, and will notify a few more when they might actually be awake, that I won’t be at church today.  Contrary to what some members do, I actually quarantine myself as not to infect the entire congregation.  I appreciate it when others do the same, but the “die-hards” don’t see it that way.  I’m always a little irked – okay, just plain angry – when someone sitting near me in church announces to me that they have some horrible illness that they know they have, and have, by being there, chosen to potetentially and possibly spread it.  I’m very non-plussed by that.  I think that people should be responsible to one another and that true compassion is quarantining yourself (and getting medical attention when required) when ill.  Long story short, nobody else wants your cold!  The elderly can actually DIE from things like that!  Think about it that way if you have to, but don’t spread it unnecessarily!

So, to those who read my blog and know me, you know I’m not going to church because I don’t want to spread my germs to everyone.  I don’t know yet if this is a bacteria or a virus, but I’ve been feeling it coming on for the last four days or so.  I’ve been very fatigued, yet unable to sleep soundly, had an increasingly stuffy nose, been irritable, and have been in bed a lot.  Low energy, lots of sniffling and snarfling, and general malaise.  I wanted to get my flu shot from the VA a few weeks ago, but nobody knew anything about when they would be in or when I’d be able to get one.  This had better not be the flu!

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