Watching Squiggle Bug

Squiggle Bug definitely loves me, as much as a two-year-old can, that is.  He takes me by the finger and leads me into Grandma’s living room saying, “Pay twucks.  Pay twucks.”  That means I lie down on my side on the floor so we can watch cartoons, and we play with his little cars on the city street play carpet that I got him.  In between, he likes to use me to bounce off of, stand on top of, climb over, jump on, and slide down (because I’m a little overweight and my gut serves as a good slide, I guess).  I always take my glasses off before we “Play Trucks”, as not to have to get my replacement pair from the Veteran’s Administration a mere few days after receiving my new prescription lenses in the mail and getting them adjusted.  That kid wears me out, but he’s definitely worth it, haha!  I can’t wait until he’s old enough to climb!

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