Entered the bouldering comp

The 2019 Montana Bouldering Championships is now a sanctioned event (by USA Climbing), and is therefore and because of that, going to be held on 05 Oct 2019 (for the second time this year) instead of next February.  I thought about it, thought about it some more, overthought about it, and then finally ran the idea past Bill Brooks, a good friend of mine.  He said I should enter the comp because it’s important to keep working toward goals.  He knows about my wrist injury, and he knows how hard it can be to make progress in the face of adversity, too.  Lou, another good friend of mine, has been sending encouraging messages via MyClimb (you really should try this app out – it’s great!)  He’s had to recover from many injuries over the years, and he’s encouraging me to be better and to be the true leader that I really am.

So I entered the bouldering comp.  Registration was online and I registered under the “Recreational” category (no money, but maybe some swag) and paid the extra $5 for a t-shirt.  I’m big on t-shirts, even though none of them fit me right now.  That will change.  Anyway, I’m registered.  I’m going to take my camera and do some blog-worthy work while I’m competing, too, because that was a lot of fun at the February MBC comp.  I was proud of myself for entering, despite my wrist injury and all the trouble I’ve had since the accident last October.  It’s been almost a year (we’re just a month shy of that year mark).  I’m just getting back into climbing, but can’t manage a steady pace.  It seems like the great days of 2017 climbing are gone forever, but I know they’re not.  Things change, but I will always climb.  Climbing is my saving grace!  This comp is also only two days after my 39th birthday.  Next year, I can compete in the “Master’s” category, hahaha!  Getting old is hell!

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