Back from Nebraska and back to climbing

I had a great time in Nebraska visiting select relatives over Labor Day. It was a peaceful time away from the daily grind of everyday life and a much-needed break.

I began the morning today by visiting with Jim (one of the gym owners) like old times and climbing without regard to established, predetermined problems. I’m much happier figuring out my own problems to ease back into my daily climbing routine because I know my (unfortunate) limitations resulting from the motor vehicle accident last year. Yes, it’s only slightly more than a month away that it will have been one year since the accident. Hard to believe since the legal matters aren’t settled yet, but neither is my recovery (physical or mental).

My psychiatrist is incommunicado until the middle of September, so I’m truly on my own for the next two weeks, which scares me. There are some serious things going on in my life right now (not that that’s new, but usually I have a crisis plan in place). My crisis plan right now consists of climbing, blogging, and writing. I trust my doctor’s office manager and I know I could talk to her if I needed to. Worst case scenario, I end up incommunicado, too, I guess… Let’s hope climbing does the trick for me!

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