I climbed today!

After a good appointment with my psychiatrist and a good day with my spouse, I decided to go climbing.  I wasn’t sure about my knee, but it held!  It felt great to climb again!  I just did a simple traverse and a couple of bouldering problems, but I was able to climb without pain in my knee!  I had my wrist and thumb of my left hand taped, as usual, but my knee didn’t require anything but some good climbing action!  I’m so excited!  Now I have to get back in the groove!  I feel blessed that the Lord has healed me yet again!  Hopefully I can lose some more weight and get back to and exceed my previous climbing skills and level.  I’m sure it can be done!  Tomorrow, I get to speak at a baptism for someone becoming a member of the Church, and I’m excited about that, too.  Today has been a miraculous day!  Tomorrow will be, too!

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