LDS Hymns

I’m listening to an LDS Hymn called “If You Could Hie to Kolob” and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I got the entire hymnal on CD (14 CD’s actually) and the music is calming.  Soothing music is definitely something I need after yesterday’s fiasco.  What a circus!  A deposition gone awry because I was the star of the show and nobody notified me that it was happening.  I got a call and they asked if I was coming.  “Um, I wasn’t aware I was supposed to be anywhere,” was my reply.  I was so incredibly angry.  I wasn’t dressed for it, I was caught off-guard by it, I was dealing with a stand-in attorney instead of my own, and I didn’t have an opportunity to have anyone with me there that I knew because there wasn’t time to notify anyone.  And I was going to be very late, since I was 30 miles away in another town.  Worst possible scenario.  I looked like a real schmuck as far as I was concerned.  I managed to handle myself fine during the deposition and keep my emotions under control.  The deposition went fine as far as the stand-in attorney was concerned, after all was said and done.  I, however, had to call my doctor, take some extra medication to get calmed down, take a lukewarm shower, eat something after not having eaten all day (a full 12 hours), and try to do something to keep myself from exploding.  I had an excess of neurotransmitters interacting in ways God never intended them to, to say the least.  That’s how PTSD works.  But it’s over.  Before I got the call yesterday, I had the song that I began this paragraph naming running through my head for some reason.  I really love this hymn, and it was good that I had it running through my head prior to this debacle.  The Spirit was trying to prepare me for the coming trial.  Thank God…literally.  I’m exhausted today, and I feel burnt physically and mentally.  It’s like I just ran a full marathon yesterday on the spur of the moment.  That’s NOT going to happen again, if I have anything to say about it!

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