The most comfy jeans I’ve ever owned

First of all, I’ve been trying to lose weight, but my weight hasn’t budged in about two months.  Second of all, my “regular-sized pants” (which I wear with a belt) fit well, but they get uncomfortable if I have to sit for a long time.  You get it, right?  So, I went to WalMart yesterday and they had a new variety of Wrangler jeans on the shelves.  I looked them over and compared them to what I normally wear.  “Hmmm…these might be really comfy,” I thought, as I contemplated what size and color to get them in.  I decided to go one size up from my “regular-sized pants” to relieve that sitting-pressure thing, and I couldn’t decide on a color, so I got both.  They did, by the way, have them in a 29″ inseam, which is unheard of, and which was also the final sales point for me that sealed the deal on them.  I put them on this morning and I’ve been SO INCREDIBLY COMFY!!!  These are honestly the most comfy jeans I’ve ever owned.  They bend and move and stretch in all the right places for me and I’m in seventh heaven wearing these jeans.  They move with me regardless of what I’m doing, and I absolutely love them!  I didn’t realize how great a pair of jeans could feel!  So, if you’re in distress, find your most comfy pair of jeans, put them on with your most comfy shirt and your most comfy footwear, and go for a walk.  Take a camera or take pictures with your cell phone if you find something worthy of a photo along the way.  Get outside in your comfy clothes and get some fresh air, and some blood pumping through your veins.  Live!  Enjoy the journey!  And do it in your comfy clothes!!!

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