The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook

If you have overwhelming emotions, I would highly recommend this workbook.  I’m going through some medication changes and my emotions have been running high, to say the least.  This workbook teaches skills to help cope with those emotions that are beyond the boundaries and into the extreme ranges.  As soon as we get the medications straightened out, I’ll still have these extremely helpful coping skills at my disposal, and my psychiatrist and I have been working on some of them for a while.  I haven’t looked at the workbook in a few years, but yesterday, I did, and I decided I would start anew with a fresh one because I was influenced by someone else’s opinion of the workbook the first time I attempted to work through it.  Without that influence, and having worked on it steadily for most of today, I managed to get a lot of good things accomplished and I have a very different view of it now.  I have my own voice in it, my own priorities, and my own values showing through in it.  I have my own coping skills, with underlinings and notes and things I’ve learned from the Doc about how to cope with things that aren’t mentioned in the workbook itself, yet are still part of DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), which is a sub-therapy of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy).  My Doc is very much a behavioralist, and that’s good.  He always asks me, “Well, what are you going to DO about it?” regarding the problem.  This book can help you with some ideas about what to do about your problems and improve your life, your relationships, and your mental health.  Again, highly recommended!

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