Who am I?

I went to get my Real ID at the DMV the other day and was telling the Doc about it today.  He was curious as to how it worked, so I was telling him and we realized that there was an awful lot of circularity to the whole process.  For example, I used my current valid passport and my Social Security card and two different pieces of official mail that verify my residence in order to get this Real ID, which gets you through checkpoints (on domestic flights and into the Social Security Office building, for example).  However, in order to get a valid passport, I had to show that same Social Security card and my birth certificate.  My birth certificate and my marriage license were required to get my Social Security card changed to its present form, so the Real ID is just one more link in the chain swirling down the drain of the redundant paperwork chain.  Now that the government has officially told me who I am, I should have my Real ID in about a week at my residence, which I had to prove using regular, post-marked, first-class mail.  Oh, well, it’ll be yet one more form of valid identification in the event that I need to prove who they’ve told me I am again, haha!  And to think…these things all cost money and have to be renewed every few years!  Information is money…

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