The beach

Squiggle Bug loved the “beach” that Gramma and I set up (and that Uncle Jerrold built the frame for) in the back yard for him.  We decided we needed to let the sand dry out some more before we turned him loose in it, but that didn’t keep him from jumping in and sitting down!  He had a lot of fun while Gramma and I devised ways to let the sand dry out while keeping cats and other things out of the sandbox while the sand dries.  The reason Squiggle Bug calls it the “beach” is because Mom and Dad take him to the local lake and there’s sand on the beach, so sand equals “beach” to him.  It was fun taking photos of him on the “beach” and playing happily.  I think he’ll really like it when we show him what he can do with his dump trucks in there!  That’s after the sand dries out some, of course.  Anyway, plenty of photo ops and some turned out well.  It’s hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a good photo of him, but moving at the speed of light must be hard work, I guess, haha!


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