Adjusting to adjusting the meds

The Doc and I talked yesterday and he told me to take a small dose of the medication that I hadn’t taken for two days and was feeling so sick from not having taken.  I feel better today than I did yesterday, and my mom says I look better, as I was very pale yesterday.  I still feel like I got run over by a truck, but fatigue is the main player in that.  Physically, I feel a bit better, but still not overly energetic.  Mentally, I’m doing better.  I actually have the desire to do some things and have a bit of motivation, and the restlessness has settled down significantly.  I’m going to be talking to the Doc again later today and we’ll decide what to do from there.  Hopefully I can take a bit more medication today, or maybe he’ll have me hold off.  I’m not sure.  It depends on what we agree to do based on what he thinks the best dose for me is.  I was supposed to take 10 mg of it yesterday afternoon, but I only had 7.5 mg, so I took what I had.  It helped stave off the really horrible physical feelings somewhat, and didn’t take away the latitude I now have with my emotions and mental state.  I just wonder what dose I’m going to end up on.  We’ll find out, I guess!  I actually took photos today and uploaded them to my computer.  I got some good photos of my nephew playing in the sandbox, or as he calls it, the “beach”.  Two-year-olds can be exhausting, but they can also be a lot of fun!  I’m taking a break right now so he might get tired and lie down to sleep for a while.  That would be ideal.  We’re all worn out and it’s only 1300 hrs!  Updates pending on the meds…

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