Homework from the Doc and my driver’s license renewal

Well, I had my driver’s license renewal appointment this morning.  I also got the Real ID now required to get past checkpoints that Montana has been fighting the implementation of for the past six years.  I didn’t have to because I had a valid passport, a military ID, a Social Security card, and many other valid forms of identification, and the fellow told me that up front.  The news has been making it sound like people MUST get a Real ID, which requires a lot of paperwork and an extra fee.  I got it simply because it’s just one more form of identification that I will have that is valid for multiple endeavors.  That, and the fact that I feel like the government could actually require them specifically at any time.  That’s the way the government tends to work.  First, they give a grace period, then they say it’s optional, then ultimately, they say that you must have it or you can’t do anything without it.  I’ve seen it time and time again, so I bit the bullet and got one.  It was $25 cheaper for me because it was time to renew my license, so I decided to hedge my bets.  It still cost me $67.47, which I wrote a check for.  I had an easy-going examiner, thank goodness.  The exam itself was painless.  The place was packed, though, and his computer froze up on him and wouldn’t accept his password at first, so he had to call his IT guy.  Unfortunately, it took him a little while to get it up and running, but ultimately, it was still painless.  I wasn’t impatient at all, but I think that had to do with my medication levels still being high enough to put up with the technology glitch.  I was just praying that it went smoothly, and it did.  My driver’s license photo is, of course and as usual, the worst photo ever, but that’s to be expected.  I look like I have three chins…what a goofy goober!

I haven’t taken any photos today and I need to take at least 36 photos and post at least one.  That’s per the Doc.  He’s trying to help me cope with this medication change and my Pop passing away, and the rear-view-mirror thinking, and all of that.  I don’t have much purpose in life right now, or at least I don’t feel like I do.  We’re trying to fix that.  Wish us luck!  Hopefully you’ll see at least one photo posted later today on my blog!

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