This Sunday is a day of rest

Sunday is to be a day of rest…so that’s what I’m making mine today.  I’m writing, I’m watching my MasterClass by Neil Gaiman, I’m underlining what I want to underline in my Sunday School lesson book, I’m flipping through my thesaurus, I’m staying out of the heat, I’m taking walks with my mother (early this morning at 0600 hrs), I’m typing posts for my blog, I’m reading my Scriptures, I’m coloring, I’m taking photos, and I’m just “being”.  Life has been a bit crazy lately and I’m taking a day off.  Truly.  I’m just taking it easy today.  I didn’t even drive into town from my mom’s to go to church this morning.  I didn’t feel like driving, so I didn’t.  Instead, my mom and I went for a walk together.  Mom asked me what I was studying in my Sunday School lesson book, so we had a bit of a Sunday School lesson together and I gave her my paperback copies of my books of Scripture.  Mom had a good time perusing them and I’m sure we’ll have more Sunday School studies together in the future.  Mom just left with my aunt to go to town, and so I’m alone here in Park City.  The silence is quite nice and I’m looking forward to some watermelon and a nap sometime this afternoon.  My stress is relatively low and it’s noon exactly as I’m writing this.  My stress will probably increase from here on today, but that’s okay.  So far, I’ve been productive as far as “resting” goes and doing what I want to do goes.  I’m very blessed in a strange way to have PTSD and be a fully disabled Veteran.  I have life experience, I have climbing, I have a great psychiatrist, and I have talents that never would’ve been brought to the surface if it hadn’t been for the military and my mental illness.  It’s very interesting how life works out.  I have the time to be a writer, and climber, and photographer, and anything else I should choose to do.  I have time to actually live life, even if that isn’t ideal most of the time due to my illnesses and injuries.  I consider myself very fortunate.  I have to thank God for the things I’ve been through, the things I have, the people I know, and the talents I’ve been given.  May I use them skillfully and wisely, and may my increase never leave me wanting…

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