My new straw hat

Last evening, my mom and I stopped at a farm and ranch supply store because my mom had seen that they had straw hats made in Mexico (you know, the good-looking ones that actually hold up for awhile that are so incredibly expensive if you try to get them when they’re not on sale?).  My mom led me to the section that had the hats on sale and I found one that I liked and that fit.  I was so excited!  I made it my own by modifying the color of the headband when I got to my mom’s house and I love it!  Obviously, it being a straw hat, it doesn’t need much “breaking-in”, but I wore it all evening inside my mom’s house, anyway.  It made me so happy!  It’s the little things, right?  The best part was that my mom got it for me for $5.  Five dollars!  It looks like we found a true deal!  That’s rare these days, no?


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