Checked into the climbing gym this morning

I went to the climbing gym this morning and saw my good buddy McKenzie, who immediately gave me a big hug.  She’d been on vacation in Alaska visiting her family.  Alaska is extremely warm right now and they’re sold out of fans.  Her grandparents are having a hard time with the heat, as is everyone else.  I had given McKenzie some cash to get me something authentically Alaskan before she left and she said it’s on the way – she forgot it at her parents’, but they’re sending it down to her here in Montana.  So excited!  I wonder what it is?!  I can’t wait to see!  McKenzie’s got awesome taste in gifts…  I’m blogging from a bouldering pad perched atop a slide-together wooden frame by Black Diamond in the climbing gym.  Jim, one of the owners, came in a few minutes after I got here.  I won’t be staying long because there are a BUNCH of kids coming in today at 1000 hrs and I don’t need to be run over.  McKenzie, in fact, said, “RUN.”  So good to get the heads-up on these things before they happen!  I get along with kids, and kids love me, but I don’t do well with crowds, and especially crowds of kids.  It’s more than a little overwhelming for me.  That’s okay, though.  At 1000 hrs, I can go see my new three-week-old nephew, whom I’ve affectionately deemed “Fuzzle Bit”.  I might call him “Fuzzles” for short.  Anyway, my knee isn’t in climbing shape again, yet, but I’m hoping it will be by the end of the week.  I’ve got my straw hat and my gear…now all I need is a functional body!  It’ll get there.  It gets better every day.  I’m not worried, just impatient.  I want to climb NOW!  It’ll come, though.  No biggie.

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