Got a haircut with my mom

After attending Sacrament meeting this morning, I drove back out to my mom’s house and we went to Billings together.  The first order of business was a haircut for both my mom and me.  I got mine cut just the way I like it – #2 guard on the sides and back, #3 guard on top, square along the neckline, sideburns even with the ear, and clipped up over the ear.  It felt SO good to get ride of all that hair!  And there was a lot of it!  I was shocked at how much strawberry blonde hair there was on the floor when the stylist was finished!  Then came my mom’s turn.  I told the stylist what to do with my mom’s hair and she didn’t seem to take much off.  She shapped it more than she trimmed it, but it looks really good on my mom, so we’ll see how soon we have to go in for another trim.  Next, we went to Harbor Freight and got some supplies, then to Costco.  Costco on the Sunday before the Fourth of July…right.  Not the best idea in the world, but I saw Chad and Dian there (two climbing buddies of mine who just got married a couple of weeks ago), so it was well worth it to brave the crowd!  After that, we hit Walmart in the neighboring town on our way home.  It was busy there, too!  Now I’m preparing to take a shower and try some Blue-Emu pain relief spray.  Let’s see how this works.  Updates pending…

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