The day turned out okay!

Well, after I managed to wake up, I went to church, partook of Sacrament, and prepared to teach the class that followed the church service.  It went well.  I had a lot of great participation from most of the members of the group I was teaching and that made the lesson a lot more meaningful.  After that, I went to my apartment to see my spouse and his back was really bothering him today.  It is, however, improving.  I then went to take some family photos of some friends of mine who were having a family reunion at a local park.  That was quite successful and my Canon G7X didn’t disappoint as far as quality, professional-looking photos go.  I got quite a few good photos that I’m sure they will be pleased with.  I ended up at my mom’s house and had supper, then decided I’d tell you about my decent day.  Sometimes things do work out!  My mom got me some roll-on BioFreeze and some roll-on Salonpas to try on my knee and my wrist.  I’m trying out the Salonpas right now.  So far, it’s helping.  It feels different than the BioFreeze, and has different ingredients.  I’m not sure which I like better yet, but I’m thinking that I still like BioFreeze better for my wrist.  The Salonpas works at least as well as BioFreeze for my knee.  We’ll see how long it lasts before I have to reapply it.

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