Hitting Hyalite Canyon today!

I’ve never done any traditional climbing before.  That may all change today.  Lou, Leon, and I are going to meet for breakfast and then head up to Hyalite Canyon for some traditional climbing.  I may just film, or I may climb some.  That really depends on my knee and how it’s feeling, but I get climbing fever when I’m around crags and climbers and especially these contagious two inspirational figures in my life, so I may at least attempt something up there.  I awoke at 0400 hrs this morning to pack up my things, as I have to check out of my motel room before meeting up with Lou and Leon at their hotel just up the street.  I’ve packed about half of my belongings that I drug into the motel room into my truck, and the other half just needs to be arranged properly for easy deployment once I get over to the other hotel.  I have four packets of BioFreeze gel in my pants pocket so that I can easily use one when I need it.  Incredible stuff, really.  Anyway, today should be loads of fun regardless!

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