The morning after

Sore.  Barely able to move, haha!  But I’m breathing and moving my fingers, so everything’s good, right?  Yesterday’s Bozeman Six was great!  For some reason, after the third boulder, my left knee got tweaked (a dehydration issue I believe), and that put me out for the final three boulders.  Frustrating, but what do you do when one leg won’t hold any weight and you can feel that something’s out of alignment, not to mention the pain?  You take some of Leon’s Advil and you follow Lou’s advice as to how to try to get things back on track.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.  Yesterday, my knee was being stubborn.  This morning, everything hurts, but I’m about to go outside and test this knee on the curb because I think things are just bruised now, but back in alignment…  Let me go check on that real quick.  I’ll be back in a minute…

Just as I suspected!  Sore, but back in alignment.  Now, let’s give it a day or two with some ice and some Aleve and see if we can’t get back into climbing shape.  This is my vacation for the whole year, you know!  Well, unless I win the lottery, but I’d have to buy a ticket first and I don’t have the money to do that.  Do you suppose I could start a GoFundMe page for my  travels?  It seems there’s a GoFundMe for everyone else’s needs, wants, and wildest dreams.  That aside, I’m happy spending the time I have with Lou and Leon right here in Bozeman, Montana, having the time of my life.  Rabbi Kaatz and his Elvis tapes will forever be dear to my heart, as will Lou’s careful instruction and demonstration of everything from climbing to life in general (not to mention Leon’s expertise on these subjects).  These two breathe life into my climbing for months after we’ve gotten together to climb every year.  This is the third year we’ve gotten together to place a bid on the Bozeman Six and I’ve enjoyed each and every time I’ve gotten to spend time with Lou and Leon.  They are tremendous souls!  They are my family.  Here’s to family this Father’s Day!!!  Have a great one!

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