Bought some BioFreeze

I went to WalMart, which had a wonderful selection of products for muscle aches, pains, sprains, strains, and joint pain.  I chose BioFreeze, and I chose it in two forms – the aerosol spray and the single-application pouches (16 to a box).  I thought these two forms would be most handy for what I may be doing on this climbing trip.  I also bought a reusable ice bag.  It turns out that my motel’s ice machine is on the fritz, but I got enough ice out of the bottom of the  machine to fill my small ice bag.  I iced my left knee for a while, which seemed to help, along with taking some Aleve.  I think the Aleve is a psychological thing, but that’s just me.  I really don’t think that Aleve does anything for me…  Anyway, I digress.

Then, as the half-melted ice in my ice bag melted even more, I decided to try the BioFreeze.  I pulled out the spray and dropped my pants to my ankles in the motel room.  It said to press very hard the first time you used it.  So, I pressed very hard.  The result was that I froze my leg from mid-thigh down to my ankle, and subsequently around my waistband of my pants, because that’s how much spray came out and ran all the way down my leg, soaking into the waistband of my pants.  It also said on the bottle, “Smell will dissipate.”  Well, it hasn’t yet.  I’m sitting here typing this with my pants around my ankles enjoying a smelly, “frozen” left leg, although I must admit that my knee feels much better.  Ah, the joys of pain and inflammation control…hahaha!  I do highly recommend BioFreeze, though.  It does the job!

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