Climbed last night at SteepWorld

I had to drive back to Billings from Bozeman yesterday for some early appointments this morning, so I decided to get some climbing in at my local gym while I’m here. I onsighted five relatively simple problems. By “relatively simple”, I mean that they would be simple for people without injuries. For me, they were considerably more difficult, but I had my wrist taped and everything felt good, and that’s enough for me! I still want to try for that V5, “The Howling”, on that boulder in Bozeman. I think I can do it. I know I could send it if I wasn’t injured, but this injury hasn’t affected my level of confidence in my potential much. If not this year, then another time, but I will send that problem and many more besides that! Of this, I am certain.

Lou and Leon are up in Bozeman right now. I’m heading back to Bozeman after my appointments so we can make a game plan for this coming week. The Bozeman Six will be even greater this year than it was last year. I can feel it! I’m so excited to see what I can do when I push myself to the limit! Just the idea of Lou and Leon being here in Montana to climb with me is so incredibly inspiring! Updates pending!

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