The Scarpa Instinct VS

I’ll probably end up writing a comparative review between the laced version of the Scarpa Instincts and the Velcro version at some point, but right now, I want to focus on the Scarpa Instinct VS climbing shoe.  I got a pair of these yesterday out of necessity because a pair of my other climbing shoes, to remain unnamed, delaminated in the heat inside my bag, which was inside my truck, which was sitting in the sun most of the day, which I didn’t realize.  There went a near-$200 pair of climbing shoes, just like that.  No, it is NOT a mistake I will repeat.  Expensive mistake, it was.  That has never happened to me before.  I was fortunate, though, that the local climbing gym here in Bozeman had some Scarpa Instinct VS climbing shoes in a size 40 (M) EU.  Climbing trip saved!

So, all I’ve done is tried them on so far, and they fit well.  Very well.  I must say that I can’t give a proper review until I’ve climbed in them some, but I anticipate that they’ll be similar to the Scarpa Instinct laced version of the shoes.  I am hoping, though, that the on-and-off time will be reduced with the VS version.  We’ll see.  This climbing vacation here in Bozeman will be the perfect time to experiment with that.  Great bouldering test!

Right now, I’m trying to get my motel room to cool off inside.  I’ve got the door and all the windows open because I can’t get the air conditioner to make it cooler than 80ºF in here!  Safety aside, I opened all my windows at around 0245 hrs this morning because I just couldn’t take it anymore!  This morning, it’s nice.  It’s probably in the mid-50’s and partly cloudy in that it’s-going-to-be-a-nice-day sort of way.

I ate some breakfast and now I’m writing this post, aticipating that Lou and Leon will e-mail or text or call any minute and tell me they’re coming to pick me up and we’re going climbing!  Can’t wait!  Not only do I get to try out my new climbing shoes, but I also get to climb with two of my best climbing buddies ever!  These two are true mentors to me.  They really are.  Fantastic fellows!  I can’t wait to go climbing with them again!  Updates pending…

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