I finished a short story this morning!

I managed to finish a short story this morning!  It’s not about climbing, but does mention it, of course.  My story probably needs some work, but I got the first draft typed up, edited it, and then printed out the second draft, so that it looks halfway like I want it to at this point.  Some might not like my style, but that’s to be expected.  The story is about a demon who is really terrible at being a demon.  Composed mostly of dialogue and very few actual descriptions, the reader is free to imagine the characters as they wish with very little guidance as to what they look like.  What I focused on was what they sound like – “how they talk”, as Neil Gaiman would put it.  Through this blog, I believe I’ve found my voice as far as writing goes.  All of you, my readers, are to thank for that as well.  You’ve given me the opportunity to bounce a lot of ideas off of you and to write and write and write to my heart’s content…and then some!  I appreciate you, my readers, in so many ways and for so many things.  I’m extremely excited about my short story, even if it’s complete garbage, which it might be.  It’s not garbage to me, though.  That’s key.  I believe it’s a good story and has enough depth to keep people interested, especially in the ending that I chose, which speaks to the title of the piece, but I’ll have to come up with many more short stories to make any kind of a collection out of them, and then I’ll have to sell my collection to some publisher somewhere.  One finished short story is a start, though.  One must begin somewhere!

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