Sorry for the hiatus! I was writing…

A great novel idea came to me in a dream, then rattled around in my head for three days or so before I got around to actually taking it seriously.  When I began to take it seriously, it turned into first a series of ideas, and then a voice – a character.  Then another character’s voice came, and another’s…  I have several vignettes written in dialogue form in my writing notebook now, and plan on working on another as soon as I catch you up on what I’m doing.  Sorry for the hiatus!  I was writing…and it may become a novel, or it may become a short story.  Whatever it ends up being, it should be rather funny with some very serious truths woven into it.  It’s one that I hope makes people laugh first and then think, “Wait a minute…”  I like books like that because they allow the reader to discover the message and the takeaway for themselves.  I also love dialogue.  I think that great dialogue is critical to good characters and a good plot.  I can do things with dialogue that I can’t describe, such as show a particular character trait or reaction that would otherwise be very difficult to describe from the position of a narrator.  I try to let the characters speak for themselves.

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