Went climbing tonight


This is the current tape job that I have to do on my left thumb, hand, and wrist in order to climb without hurting myself, but I’ve got it down to a science.  Only two pieces of one-and-a-half inch tape are required to do this tape job.  What does this tape job accomplish?  Well, first, saving tape.  On a more serious note, though, it keeps my medial colateral ligament in my thumb from being damaged while it heals and also keeps my scaphoid and the rest of my wrist bones safe-er while I climb.  Notice that the strips of tape are not tight on my thumb and wrist, but are instead loose, with lots of room to move.  This is by design.  If they were wrapped tightly, I wouldn’t be able to flex my thumb and wrist without impeding the circulation.  This way, wrapped loosely, the tape can give enough to allow all the circulation in the world to get to and from my hand and thumb, while still affording the necessary support.  This is something one should remember when taping any part of the body.  The point here is not to make a tourniquet out of the tape.  On the contrary, you need to allow the blood to circulate freely in order to avoid further injury.

I wore my Scarpa Instincts tonight and sent some fun problems on the bouldering wall with the splash set.  Here is a photo I took of my Instincts with my tribal shield chalk bag – my absolute most favorite chalk bag in the world…EVER!


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