Finished my 12-week Self-Reliance course

For the last 12 weeks, I have been meeting with my Self-Reliance group for a Starting and Growing Your Business course through the Church.  We began with six and ended with three, but two of the three that didn’t make it the whole 12 weeks are in the nursery business already, so this is an extremely busy time of year for them.  They just secured a permanent location (brick and mortar, so to speak) for their trees, shrubs, and plants, so that’s been very exciting for all of us to watch!  The three of us that finished the entire 12-week course, one of which was the facilitator (that doesn’t make her count any less for having finished a course she had not been through previously), have a very special camaraderie and we’ve become family.  A success for one of us is a success for all of us, and it’s been amazing to watch how this course has transformed us all and our business ideas, plans, and lives.  We all have very different business models and ideas, but they are all similar in that the principles of the Gospel bring blessings if followed and practiced.  It’s really been fun, and we plan on keeping in touch beyond this because we’ve become such great friends and sounding boards for each other, pertaining to both business ventures and personal matters.  We’ve been able to network together and build each others’ businesses and plans up by being there for each other in this way.

My plans are to turn my registered business name – Climber’s Parallax – into something great for climbers.  I have many ideas and I just have to get out there and take the photos and write the manuscripts and create the illustrations to launch my freelance business.  A publisher will come along, I’m sure.  First, I have to have something to show them.  A lot of my previous work was destroyed by flooding in my basement apartment, so I have to start over in a lot of ways, but that’s okay.  I believe that the Lord will provide if I do the best I can and work hard!  At the very least, I’ll have some great climbing experiences to tell the world about one-by-one if I have to!

I see my doctor today, and after that, I have coffee with a couple of friends of mine, and following that, I plan on going climbing before returning to my mom’s house to spend the night.  I can’t wait to climb!  I’m getting my passion back and learning to wrestle the grief from my Pop passing away one month ago today.  Today is a day that I definitely need to climb!  I’ll take Pop with me and we’ll have a grand time!  He is always with me in spirit…

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