Got my harness on

My friend Em invited me to climb with her this afternoon, so I ended up getting my harness on for the first time since before the motor vehicle accident I was in back in mid-October of last year. I made it almost all the way up the 40-some-foot wall the first time up and nearly as far on the second burn on a different route. I was ecstatic! Me climbed right next to me on the first route, encouraging me and being the outstanding climbing buddy that she is. It was such an accomplishment for me! After I had packed up my climbing gear, I rode the stationary bike alongside my friend McKenzie for 23 minutes. All that is to say that I feel fantastic right now! I came straight to the climbing gym after seeing my doctor this morning and have spent around five hours here at this point. I bought a pair of size 40 EU Scarpa Instincts (laced) because they fit my feet perfectly and were marked down on clearance for a low price. I’ve been climbing in them all day. I finally know what size I wear in the Scarpa brand of performance climbing shoes! They work great! I have to size up an entire whole size from the La Sportiva Solutions that I wear to fit into the Scarpa Instincts, which is interesting since they both size their shoes in EU sizing. I guess it’s just the way they’re made… I’m glad I bought the Instincts, though. Great climbing shoes! Now I know why people like them so well! I like the laces because I can really customize the fit on my feet. That’s really important to me in buying high performance climbing shoes right now. I think they’ll work out well. So far, so good! It’s a good day!

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