Fresh out of the hospital…again

I just got out of the hospital again after spending four days there.  What did I do after I got out of the hospital?  Well, I went climbing, of course!  Climbing heals.  It is a very powerful ritual for me.  I strapped on my climbing shoes, taped up my left wrist and thumb, and chalked up before approaching the wall.  I didn’t hesitate at all to get on the wall.  I needed to be on that wall today.  It was a sign of hope to me and it served the purposes of healing well as I continued to climb over the course of an hour or so.  I logged my climbs on the MyClimb app on my iPad Mini and submitted them.  It felt so great to climb again!  Four days ago, when I went into the hospital, I felt like dying.  Today, I lived, and it made me happy!

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