Climbing Under The Lights

My climbing gym had a special event last night deemed “Climbing Under The Lights” that started at 2100 hrs and ended at midnight. My friend visiting from Missouri and her sister and her sister’s boyfriend visiting from New Jersey were my guests to this event last night. I want to thank Rick Dvorak for taking on one of my guests as his own so that none of them had to pay. Rick, you’re a great guy! Thank you! You made my friends feel that much more welcome in our climbing community here in Billings, Montana!

The lights were great! I got to meet new people, hug old friends, and entertain my friends with my own passion in life – climbing. Scott, one of the gym owners, came and chatted with me for a few minutes to catch up, and Sean (good climbing buddy of mine) introduced me to Taylor, his girlfriend. She was quite pleasant. The lights made it an extraordinary environment to climb in and fun was had by all! I have to say that they did an excellent job of the lighting displays upstairs in Boulderland, where we spent the majority of our stay last night. SteepWorld, I commend you on a job well done!

My friends stayed for an hour and were spent, not surprisingly, because climbing is a difficult full-body workout for those who do not do it regularly. After my friends left, I stayed for a while longer and watched others climb, enjoying the light show and the atmosphere. It was calming to be back in the climbing gym.

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