Pop’s third straight day of dialysis

Well, Pop is still hanging in there, even with atrial fibrillation and kidney failure.  He’s a tough man, but still very sick.  Today will be his third straight day of dialysis to get the water off of his lungs.  They’ve already  taken 5.5 lbs of fluid off of him through the last two days of dialysis.  I’m hoping that he starts feeling better soon.  He’s not eating…

My older brother Marc will be here today.  He drove up from Arizona to see dad and give some relief to our family.  It’s good that he’s going to be here, especially for Mom and Pop.  I’m hoping it will rally Dad some so that maybe he’ll eat, etc.  We’ll see what happens.

I’m bone-tired exhausted, and slept in until 0700 hrs instead of being up at 0300 hrs or earlier.  I’m picking up a card that I had a friend of mine customize and hand-make for my dad yesterday.  I hope he’s lucid enough to appreciate it, but even if he isn’t, it’s okay.  My friend Claudia is so creative and she was the perfect one to make Pop’s card.  I love her to death, and she’s so industrious.  She jumped right on the project when I asked her about making my dad a card yesterday.  I was amazed.  Such love.  So, here’s a public thank-you, Claudia of Claudia’s Creations here in Billings, Montana!  She also made another very special card that I’ll be giving away in a few weeks.

I haven’t been over to the hospital yet to see how Pop’s doing today, but I hope that he’s okay.  Having slept in, I have  very little time to go see him before I need to meet with my friend, but I’ll see him soon enough, card in hand.  I’m planning on letting my brothers sign it, too, before we give it to him.  Mom can sign it, too, as far as that goes!  I just wanted to do something special for Pop and that’s all I could think of besides just being there and spending time with him.

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