Dad’s decided

Well, my dad’s decided what he’s going to do about his predicament in the hospital, which is kidney failure.  His options were to “meet his Maker or dialysis”.  I listened to the Japanese-American kidney specialist say this to my dad yesterday as I stood outside the door.  I had arrived just in time to hear the options presented and his answer.  “Or are you confused?” asked the nephrologist.

My mom clarified to my dad that the doctor was asking him if he wanted dialysis.  Pop said, very clearly, “Yes.”  I was so relieved that I almost cried on the spot outside the door. No one knew I was outside the room, but I had heard Pop agree to something I never thought he’d agree to in a million years.  His regular kidney doctor will be in today to discuss the details with my mom and dad this morning.  I will be watching my nephew until I get a call from my mom as to how things are going to proceed.   I have my own appointments today, so my mom and my brother and I are going to play musical chairs watching Squiggle Bug.  I just hope that Pop doesn’t change his mind…

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