Pop’s in the hospital

Sorry for the radio silence, Readers.  My dad’s in the hospital with a host of life-threatening conditions right now.  He was admitted yesterday.  He’s doing better than he was, though, which is a good sign.  I’m waiting for an update from my mom since HIPAA doesn’t allow me to know anything about my dad’s condition and Dad’s pretty out of it right now.  I haven’t slept in a couple of nights, so I chose to lie down and take a nap this afternoon.  That three-hour nap did me a world of good, but I’m still not functioning at 100% because I’m tired and worried.  I’m trying to keep my family as updated as possible, which is all I can really do besides go and watch my dad sleep while on the oxygen machine.  He was able to say, “Love you, too,” when I left the second time today, so that was good.  Hopefully I’ll get an update soon from my mom…

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