The MyClimb Challenge Team

MyClimb is not only a great climbing app, but has been so much more in terms of bringing people together.  I’m part of the MyClimb Challenge Team, which includes people  from all over the world.  We’re climbers interacting over Facebook for our weekly reports on our Challenge goals…but it’s become so much more!  I’ve gained mentors and true friends for life from this endeavor.  I’ve gotten to climb with some of these other climbers from different parts of the country, and I will hopefully get to climb with some that are in other parts of the world someday!  We’ve traveled to meet each other in person and climb together and share that bond that climbers have.  We’re not afraid to share when we’re feeling down or just can’t get going, as well as when we’re on fire and  ready to climb to the moon!  We’ve gotten to know each other on a very personal level, and there is a strong bond between the MyClimb Challenge Team members.  That’s the really remarkable thing about it.  We know each other, not just as climbers, but as people.  And it all started with the MyClimb app!  Who knew an app could bring such a bond between people around the globe to fruition?!  That is astounding!  So, Bill Brooks, I thank you and your hard-working Team for the opportunity of a lifetime!  You’ve breathed life into a whole new kind of interaction in climbing through MyClimb, and you should be proud of  that!  We thank you!

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