Fifty climbs during March 2019!

Fifty climbs during March 2019. That may not seem like much, but that’s huge in my world because it marks the beginning of my return to climbing following the motor vehicle accident that I was involved in on 11 October 2018 – over five months ago. I don’t have full mobility or range of motion or strength in my left hand, thumb, and wrist yet, but I tape it all up really well and climb what I’m able to. The pain is gone while I’m actually climbing, which is a welcome relief! I’m so happy to be back on the wall and climbing again in one form or another! Right now, any form will do! Once the tape comes off or I’m no longer climbing, the pain returns. I’m told that will likely always be there. At least climbing relieves it! In short, it’s great to be back. Climbing is in my blood. Forever. Nothing is going to stop that!

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