Determining a business name…

There are a lot of decisions to be made when starting a business, and one of them is the name of the business itself.  “Chris Jones Freelance Services” just doesn’t have that pop that I’m looking for.  It’s not an attention-getter.  It’s also boring – just outright boring.  So what can be done?  Well, I like to avoid the modern dictionary in trying to find suitable words to include in titles of various projects because the current dictionary offends me.  “Ginormous” is a word?  In the dictionary?  Really???  With words like that in the dictionary these days, I prefer the old dictionaries that were ancient when I was in school, and I’m already getting to be ancient by young people’s standards!  I feel like I’m in the wrong generation most of the time.  I’m extremely old school and don’t enjoy these contrived words that are merely fads that someone decided might look cool in the dictionary.  Maybe I just can’t change with the times, but when I was growing up…let’s not even go there, on second thought…

The point is that a business name has to gain respectable attention and mean something, preferably across several fields of academic study.  I’m toying with the idea of making the name of my business a symbol of this sort.  There would, of course, be the confusion of how exactly to pronounce that symbol, but Prince did it – why can’t I?  My point is that there needs to be a great degree of meaning and creativity present in the name of a business that represents both the business and the owner of that business.  It must have character and be a living entity in itself.  Think about the band Pink Floyd.  What a name!  And what fame!  I’m not looking for fame, but I am looking for a business name that will turn heads and perhaps teach someone a new word or concept in the process of running across it.  I want people to wonder.  I want people to be curious.  I want people to want to know badly enough to pick up my work and thumb through the pages.  The same goes for book titles.  If you have any suggestions, my loyal readers, they would  be much appreciated.  Give this a comment in your spare time!  Let me know what you’re thinking!  I thank you in advance!

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