Teacher, Facilitator, and Fire-Putter-Outer Extraordinaire!

First, I got to the church building early to set up my classroom yesterday since I was teaching the Relief Society lesson.  I put them neatly in a half-arc so that the sisters would feel more “cozy” and “close”.  That also makes it eaisier as a teacher standing front and center to make sure that I can make eye contact with everyone and remember not to just stare down the middle aisle between two or three straight rows.

I partook of the Sacrament, listened to the first two speakers, and then went to finish preparing for my lesson.  The lesson went very well and I got great participation from the sisters!  One told me that it was just what she needed, and that made my day – mission  accomplished!



My next big task for the day was to facilitate for Self-Reliance Group.  The facilitator was not back from Salt Lake City yet and I was asked to fill in.  Of course!  The five of us would have a great group.  I got to the other church building early and the room had already been  set up!  How nice.  I studied what I could while putting fires out from others who were contacting me by phone, and finally got down to the business of getting the video (a single video, thank goodness) pulled up on my iPad to show the  group.  It was a video of the late President Monson giving a talk at a General Conference that pertained to our lesson for the week.  I successfully queued it up and had it ready for the group.  A short time before our group of five was to meet, I got a text from the facilitator.  Two more of the members couldn’t make it, but there would still be three of us, so it would be fine.  I waited nervously for the other two to arrive.  At five before 1600 hrs, Claudia showed up.  I greeted her warmly and told her, “This is us.  Welcome to the group.”  She looked at me and asked if I was serious.  I was.   “Where’s Marv?”  Marv was at home sick with a migraine.  “Two’s a group!” I exclaimed, using a dearly departed friend’s favorite phrase to describe our situation.

Claudia and I had a fantastic group together!  We got so much done and exchanged so many ideas!  She’s so creative and we were friends the first time we met several weeks ago now.  We made excellent time, getting through our lesson in only an hour and a half instead of two hours, and having time to spare to share more ideas.  We also shared ideas about Bullet Journaling, since she’s interested in it and it’s been a huge part of my life for over two years.  We walked out to our vehicles together and bade each other farewell until next week.  Score!  Mission accomplished!

I arrived home and was simply exhausted.  Though the day had gone well, it took a lot of energy and I was spent.  I had a small supper and went to bed.  I awoke early this morning, did a bit of work on transferring my business notebook material to a Bullet Journal because that’s my preferred format and the method I’m using in the restrictive lined notebook anyway, and then decided to go back to  bed for an  unspecified amount of time.  I awoke again at around 0700 hrs and leapt out of bed like I was late for something, as I’m usually up at 0330 hrs or so.  Nope.  Just got some much-needed sleep, that’s all.

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