Blocked from FaceBook…

I just got blocked from FaceBook by FaceBook for “sharing too fast and abusing this feature”.  I was then asked if I wanted to file an error report.  Yes, I do.  I want to file an error report based on the fact that I’m an intelligent, educated person who comprehends humor extremely quickly and I have a variety of friends on FaceBook who appreciate humor.  So I share what I feel is appropriate and simply like or laugh at what I can’t share.

I also engage with my MyClimb Challenge Team through FaceBook.  This is for the betterment of not only myself, but my entire team, and if I’m not unblocked extremely quickly, I’m going to have a scathing review to share with the world about FaceBook…on FaceBook.

I share my blog on FaceBook, too, which gets FaceBook that many more views and interactions with its interface.  Am I not generating business for FaceBook in this way?  I believe I am.  So, to block me from FaceBook is shooting themselves in the foot.  Mark Zuckerberg (I don’t care if I spelled your name correctly, either), you need to take a good look at who you’re blocking from FaceBook, because you may just be putting yourself out of business!

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