Medication changes, however temporary…

I’m going through some medication changes right now and I’m about three sheets to the wind over them.  I’m tired, but I’m restless, but I’m twitchy, but I’m all out of sorts.  It’s a good thing that these medication changes were made a few days ago, though, because I lost a dear friend of mine last night.  I found out this morning that this friend passed away last night at the hospital.  Her name was Pam.  She had a lot of medical problems, but tried everything she could to manage them.  Pam was a therapist at a mental health clinic.  As of this morning, my friend is gone, and her clients are suddenly without a therapist, and her kids are suddenly without a mother, and so on and so forth…  I couldn’t believe my ears when I got the phone call from Rose this morning.  I asked if Marla knew and Marla had been the one to tell Rose that I needed to know.  Yesterday was Pam’s birthday.  Rose had taken flowers over to the clinic for her, but didn’t get to see her because she was in session with a client.  It can happen that quick.  Today they’re here, and tomorrow, they’re gone.  So whatever you do, if there’s anything you need to take care of with anybody, do it NOW.  Tomorrow may be too late!

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