Climbing and writing, in that order

That’s what I want to do with my life – I want to climb and I want to write, in that order.  Climbing, well, that’s on hold a little bit as I rehabilitate my left hand, wrist, and thumb, not to mention my whole climbing self since I haven’t been able to do it for five months.  Writing?  That’s something I work on daily.  I have this blog and my readers (thank you for your loyalty and your patience).  Hopefully, my writing brings joy to others as well as myself.  I’m taking a Self-Reliance Business course through the Church right now and am trying to figure out how to break into freelance writing.  It wouldn’t be a full-time job…or would it?  Researching, querying, writing, editing, revising, etcetera, etcetera might take a lot of time!  I don’t want it to take time away from climbing, which is my first love outside in the big world.  Let’s face it, though, at the age of 38, I’m probably not going to be a world champion climber.  However, I can still become an elite athlete in my own right, and that’s going to take a lot of time and effort, too.  Can I do both?  Can I climb and write?  I guess we’re going to find out.  If writing about climbing doesn’t work out, then I may end up writing about something else.  What else would I write about, though?  I love climbing!  I could pursue the psychological angle of climbing in my writing, which could be quite interesting and also very advantageous to those wishing to up their mental game in this extreme sport.  Would that get published, though?  I know people want training advice and regimens, harrowing adventure tales, and how-to’s, but would they go for an article bringing them an edge to their climbing mindset?  I think they would if it got by the editors and onto a printed page.  I believe that mindset and psychology are some of the biggest parts of climbing, and can be great assets if treated and utilized properly.

So, tell me, readers – would you go for an article on improving your mental edge in climbing?  Comments would be much appreciated.  I need your feedback on this one!  I thank you in advance!

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