Apologies for my absence…

Dealing with a medication change, and not an easy one due to the problem my doctor and I are trying to manage, so it’s been a rough few days.  Sorry about the absence – my most sincere apologies to my readers.  So, medication changes aside, the last few days have been somewhat productive.  Not full-blown productive.  Just somewhat productive.  I’ve managed to keep up with my Self-Reliance course and keep tracking my finances, which is a plus (or a positive step in the right direction, one might say).  There are a few more rough days guaranteed in my immediate future, but I will try to put out some word on my blog that I’m still alive and possibly well at some point every day.  I will put forth the best effort possible at present, which is all I can do.

I tested my grip strength in each hand the other day.  I’m able to squeeze the blood out of a turnip with my right hand and barely able to hold an empty plastic cup in the injured hand.  It’s going to take a while to rehabilitate that injured left hand, wrist, and thumb.  I’ve been using them as much as possible to gradually build them back up, but it’s slow going, let me tell you!  Flexibility, range of motion, and strength are all really huge problems on that left side!  It’s going to take a long time to build them back up.  Atrophy and injury are horrible things.  I just want to climb!  I NEED TO CLIMB!!!  But we all know that, already, right?  Right.

I met with a new friend yesterday and she showed me her business wares and how she makes them.  Really awesome lady from my Self-Reliance Business class.  Her name is Claudia.  Friend for life, instantly, when we met at our last meeting.  One of those ready-made friendships, for sure!  She’s incredibly creative!

As far as my comings and goings go, there haven’t been many, and the few that there have been have been very taxing on my energy.  I’ve been exhausted!  I think I still have the bug that’s going around and hitting everyone a second time around.  I hate whatever virus it is (I think it’s respiratory influenza).  Whatever it is, it’d better be over soon because I want to get back to my life!

Getting back to my life.  That’s something for my 2019 goals list on many levels.  Yesterday, following my friends’ examples, I made a poster outlining my goals for 2019 on a spiritual level.  This family (happens to be my Bishop’s family) all created theirs at New Year’s, but it’s never too late to start!  It’s only March!  Here’s mine:


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