Battling “The Mutation”

So I went through the first round of respiratory influenza about three months ago.  That was horrible.  I’m particularly prone to respiratory infections as it is, so this one was especially bad for me.  I spent two months getting over the cough that went with it.  I thought I was in the clear (Mistake No. 1) because I’ve already had my really bad bug for the year, right?  Wrong.  I’ve been fighting what I call “The Mutation” for these last two and a half weeks and it’s not as bad as a relapse of that respiratory flu, but it is affecting every area of my life negatively!  I’ve got the cough back, although not as bad.  I’ve got the sniffles and the stuffy nose back, although again, not as bad.  I’m so exhausted, though!  I’m always tired, ready to fall asleep at any moment.  Even now, as I write this post, I’m going cross-eyed and having to close my eyes for a few moments of carefully-balanced rest between thoughts.  I’ve been taking daily naps for the last few days and even they don’t help much!  It’s a form of that influenza, so that’s why  I call it “The Mutation”.  I’ve got a case of The Mutation and I’m hoping that it resolves quickly.  It’s not really  looking like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, though.  I’m behind on everything!  Well, I’m off to go back to bed now so that I can hopefully get something accomplished at some point today.  Signing off for now…

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