What do you do with a drunken sailor?

What do you do with a drunken sailor?  Take his credit cards away!  Seriously, though, some of us act like drunken sailors with our credit cards – no inhibitions, horrific impulse control, and an eye for what we want and not what we need.  Think about your climbing inventory at present and the debt you may (or may not, if you’re in good financial shape) owe on that inventory.  I know mine’s way out of hand.  I’m going to be selling off some stuff that I can live without and that someone else will love just as much or more than I would be able to love it and who probably needs it more than I do.  Most of the things I’m going to be selling off haven’t even been used, so they’ll be brand new at a reduced price (I’m not foolish enough to try to get full price for last season’s stuff).  So, if there’s something you’re looking for, such as size 38.5 (M) EU climbing shoes, shoot me a comment and I’ll see if I have anything you want.  I also have a few dynamic single climbing ropes (brand spanking new and never used), and a few other odds and ends that I can stand to part with.  Mostly climbing shoes, though.  I’ve decided to upsize a half size EU to size 39 (M) EU, so I have a bunch of 38.5 (M) EU shoes that I’d like to get some of my investment back on, but how much is negotiable.  Give it some thought and, like I said, shoot me a comment if you’re interested.  I have a few pairs of Scarpas, but mostly La Sportiva brand climbing shoes, just to put that out there.   Hope to hear from some of you!

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