Got the thumb spika splint off today!

It feels odd trying to type without the thumb spika splint on, I have to admit.  While my left hand, thumb, and wrist get used to being out of the splint, I’m noticing what a shriveled piece of work it all is, and having a few twinges of pain from the thing as I type, realizing that I’ve stretching this or that too far or at the wrong angle for its liking.  I have one robust hand and one skinny, afflicted-looking paw typing these words right now.  I’m listening to piano hymns on my iPod right now to try to keep myself calm.  I did a few range-of-motion tests with my lesser appendage and discovered that I can do little more than I thought I’d be able to.  That’s neither here nor there.  The point of it all is that now I have to build this hand, wrist, and thumb back up without reinjuring anything.  Rehabilitation is not feeling like it’s going to be a fun ordeal at the moment, as typing is painful.  If typing on a modern laptop computer in 2019 is painful, then that says something…

HOWEVER, I am NOT complaining because this has truly been a miracle healing after my miracle survival of that motor vehicle accident back in mid-October of last year!  I’m thankful that Heavenly Father saw fit to heal me and was protecting and watching over me that morning.  I’m thinking of taping my left thumb joint, though.  I won’t have to wear the splint that way, and it’ll protect that medial colateral ligament from hyperextension, I’m hoping.  I’m going to carry the splint with me so that I can put it on if I tweak anything or if things start hurting too bad.  This will be gradual, as will the rehab.  Today’s the day, though, and I’m out of the splint!  I have one human hand and one chimp hand!


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