University and school closures due to snow and bitter cold temps


I received two texts this morning at 0500 hrs.  I thought, who in the world would text me at this hour unless it was an emergency?  I was already up, but it’s uncommon for the rest of the world to be up at the hours that I am, unless they live on the other side of the world, that is…  Anyway, it was an emergency bulletin from the University saying that classes were cancelled today due to heavy snow accumulation and cold temperatures.  This is MONTANA!  We get SNOW AND TEMPS like this EVERY YEAR!

I told my brother when he brought my nephew down an hour later and he said that all of the area schools were closed today because of the snow.  WHAT?!  The entire time I went to school 24 miles away in Park City, Montana (Grades 1-12), we had ONE snow day when I was in elementary school, and that was because it was -50ºF with a -80ºF wind chill and THE BUSES WOULDN’T START.  If the buses would’ve started, we would’ve had school that day!  The wind was blowing and we had to go in the back door of our house so that everything wouldn’t freeze because of the cold and the wind direction, but we went to school!  And people went to work!  That was just a typical winter in Montana!

We, as a country, not just Montanans, are getting soft.  What is it with having school closures over one extra inch of snow that fell last night.  Seriously.  That’s all the more “accumulation” that happened last night as opposed to yesterday.  And it’s supposed to keep snowing for the next week and get down to 0ºF for a high and -20ºF for a low for three days straight over the weekend.  Really?  They’re closing school NOW?!  Are they out until April thaw, or what?   We all need to grow a spine again…

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