I’m tryingout this time-tracking device called “Timeular”.  It’s an octahedral-shaped device that, once paired with your computer or other device, tracks time based on which side is “up”.  Yes, you assign tasks to each side within the app and it tracks how long you perform that task.  When you are ready to switch tasks, you just flip the Timeular device so that the task that you want to track next is on the side that’s facing up and keep going.  I have a 14-day money back guarantee in case this just isn’t my thing.  I have to admit that it’s rather interesting.  I have to make a list of my top eight tasks to be tracked for time spent on each, though.  I’ll do that tonight, or perhaps tomorrow morning.  It’s getting late for me at this point and my medication is kicking in.  It should be interesting, to say the least.  It produces not only several calendar features that show your time spent on each task, but also a pie graph that shows your daily distribution of time spent on various tasks.

So.  Tasks.  E-mail.  Blog.  MyClimb.  Scriptures.  Novel.  Bills.  Climbing.  Appointments.  That pretty much sums it up…  There are eight tasks right there!  Those might get revised.  Climbing and appointments are going to be hard to track with this Timeular gadget because I’m, well, not in front of my computer!  So, let’s eliminate those two from the list.  I’m up to six…  Need two more.  I’m sure I’ll think of something!  There’s plenty to do!  I could include breaks!

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